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Residential Inquiry

DJ Cruze ctrl

- Music curated specifically to fit the desired atmosphere and gain/retain customers; Perfect for bars, restaurants, and clubs looking to create nightlife, or for day/evening entertainment.

- High-quality audio system provided (if necessary): 2 Electro-Voice top speakers and 1 JBL subwoofer, gives incredible sound suitable for clubs, bars, festivals, etc.

- Professional DJ equipment: 2 Technics 1200 turntables, Pioneer DJM-S11
 mixer, Phase needless controllers, Serato Professional software.

- Proficient in genres including EDM (House, Techno, etc.), Hip-Hop, and Pop, as well as open format and "Throwback" music; access to thousands of different songs from reputable record pools.

Fill out this form and I will contact you immediately to discuss further details/info personally.

“...innovative marketers are beginning to understand that this is not just about a cool factor. DJs actually drive revenue. All the data shows that when we have a DJ in, for example, a retail outlet, the consumer stays longer and the spend increases. They start to get lost in the experience of the music, lose track of time, and next thing you know, they are at the register buying more than they had originally intended. Each of our clients shows the same data over and over.”

- Rob Principe,

Scratch Music Group Founder & CEO

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